AJS company has succeeded in manufacturing steel slab with 52.3 St grade.

Invitation to participate in the public auction for the purchase of wide steel slab.

Jahan Ara Arvand Steel Company

Jahan Ara Arvand Steel Company was established in 2014 to design, equip, construct, and operate metal production plants and has now become one of the prominent factories in this field. This complex, with an investment volume of over 10 trillion rials on a 380-hectare land in Khorramshahr industrial town, was built. Jahan Ara Arvand Steel Company quickly became prominent due to its favorable geographical location and land connections with the country, as well as its aquatic connections with the presence of Abadan and Khorramshahr ports. Other activities of this company include:

  • Activities related to the construction of factories for the production of mineral industry products
  • Performing commercial activities, including the export and import of equipment and materials related to the mining industry
  • Developing and increasing the production of iron and steel products, taking into account the supply of raw materials, energy, and human resources.
  • Our Outlook

    Some of the goals of Jahan Ara Arvand Company includes:

    Environmentally friendly practices

    As a heritage for future generations of Iran, we produce metal products at Jahan Ara Arvand Steel Company in accordance with the latest environmental standards and concerns for the environment, viewing the Earth as our home.

    Creating economic opportunities

    Our focus is on economic development and we strive to create economic opportunities for all Iranians. We have a comprehensive approach to development and aim to create opportunities for everyone.

    Leading in the country and the region

    We are proud to be leaders in the production and supply of metal and steel products in Iran and the Middle East region. We believe that the quality of our products has been a supportive factor for consumers.

    Dynamic and innovative in steel products

    At Jahan Ara Arvand Steel Company, we are proud to have created innovation and dynamism in the production and supply of our products by using the expertise of metal industry engineers and specialists to respond to a wide range of market demands.

    Jahan Ara Arvand

    Projects Percentage

    Latest Progress of Jahan Ara Arvand Steel Co. Projects

    Steel Manufacturing Project

    Percentage of progress of the steel manufacturing project.


    400kV electrical post.

    Percentage of progress of the electrical post project.

    Steel Company

    Water desalination project

    Percentage of progress of Water desalination project.


    Gas Manufacturing Project

    Percentage of progress of Gas manufacturing project.